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Radio show lessons based on “Forgotten American Stories” by Author Lydia Nuttall

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WTK History Trackers Across America
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Our Award-winning Radio show lessons based on “Forgotten American Stories” by Author Lydia Nuttall

All our Patriotic Leadership Lessons are acknowledged by HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) for civics course credit!

May God bless you and your incredible organization, and may He bless the United States of America!


President Donald Trump, Former President of USA

I think it’s up to the youth to dig in, work hard, learn the laws and be proactive.

Dave Bray, USA

I am looking forward to getting the WE THE KIDS newsletter! I have great grand children that I can send it to. Thank you in advance.

Barbara R, USA

My favorite quote says it all: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams~

Amiena CA, USA

We The Kids “The Constitution is the cornerstone of America. It’s our founding document. It gives us the liberties that we enjoy today and it is what defines us more than anything else.”

LT. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, USA

I am a Christ Follower, Educator, Patriot. I am always striving to help my children, students, and adults alike understand the blessing and freedom that we have in our country, the soldiers that fought for them and why we have to fight for it continually.

Jason W, USA

“Being involved with We the Kids has been a great opportunity of growth for my children. Not only has their involvement helped them to learn more about the history and the Constitution of the United States, but it has helped them with their public speaking skills.

Melody B - IN, USA

‘We The Kids’ is an important organization for teaching kids of all ages about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!  I have been in a group of many adults sitting around a campfire. I brought up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and no one knew about either. Ten years ago, I first learned about the Constitution dealing with the Supreme Court and how important this issue is to all of us.

Susie - IN, USA

” . . .’We The Kids’ encourages children to not only learn American history in their own backyards but inspires them to be proud Americans as well!”

Tricia, USA

The message I want to send to the American youth is you understand who you are as an American citizen and understand what this country means so that you can step up and be the next guardians of this Republic.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, USA

‘We The Kids’ Very nice. Many thanks. Callista

Callista Gingrich, USA

‘We The Kids’ The constitution is very important because it gives us guidelines on how this country was founded and what our rights are that are critical to our life and the type of life we are able to live.

John Lyons, “America’s Most Trusted Horseman”

‘We The Kids’ is an inspired program that has helped our family learn to love history. By returning God to America’s story we have learned how our hero’s of history were inspired to create and maintain liberty and freedom.

Heidi S, USA

In my troop, aside from the traditional Scouting activities, I am teaching my Scouts the American history and Civics. We The Kids has given the opportunities and a platform for my Scouts to share their knowledge of the American history with youth across our nation. As they are required to take the communication merit badge and encouraged to take the public speaking merit badge, producing the videos has given my Scouts the opportunities to work and improve on their presentation and speaking skills.

Phong Nguyen, Boy Scout Troup 881 VA