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Help Save The Monarchs Projects!

Help Save The Monarchs Projects!

Educators and the institutions you serve, your interest in the Monarch Butterfly rescue program, as educators and educational institutions, deserves a
special thank you. Each of you encouraged us with your interest and desire to be a part of this important cause. You and I both know that as time passes, our commitment to participate in such a cause is hidden beneath our
day to day affairs and is unintentionally forgotten. The endangered Monarch Butterfly presents a great opportunity for educators and schools.

1. Give your students hands on experience in the restoration of a troubled species. Register your group or school as a We The Kids
Monarch Club and help distribute bags that are donated for that purpose. Club registration is free.

2. Consider using the Monarch Self-Watering bag as a student/school fund-raiser. Contact us on our website and we will get back with you regarding the details.
Register your interest through our website:

Thanks again for your participation; the Monarch Butterfly is an important pollinator. Helping restore its population gives our children and communities the opportunity to experience having a real impact on restoring a nearly endangered species. Participate today!



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