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WE THE KIDS perform Red Skelton’s rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

hawaii-reciting-the-pledge-of-allegianceHawaii kids!

Group of homeschooled children at Lolani Palace Honolulu, Hawaii performed the Pledge of Allegiance.

Great job kids!


On 9/11 Memorial Tribute to FIRST Responders. San Diego City Hall. 9/7/16.

we-the-kids-in-san-diego-ca-9-7-16Joint COLOR GUARD SD Police / SD

Fire Rescue. The Patriot Flag II. WORLD MEMORIAL – The Star Spangled Banner Project with San Diego Homeland Security in conjunction with,

WE THE KIDS / Trail Life / American Heritage Girls / San Diego Girl Scouts. We The Kids is the only kid’s organization that has legal permission to use Mr. Skelton’s wording.

NOTE: from Heritage Christian School, San Diego, CA

we-the-kids-in-san-diego-ca-girl-scouts-and-trail-life-kids-9-7-16-aHi, Carole.

Well, we did it! And Mitch did a great job too! I filmed the pledge & opening of the big flag…………Thanks for letting us be part of it. The rest of the program was really nice too…there were tears! J

Take care.
Terri Barnett
Heritage Christian School

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