The mission of We the Kids, LLC is to reach, educate, and inspire America’s youth with patriotic and positive messages that encourage them to learn American history and to become engaged in its government.  The goal of WTK is to bring the Constitution and American History to life for our children … through our children.




Rachel Ann, age 14

10 grade- A-B average. Interest: Reading, American History, Government, singing, and 4 H raising rabbits.  Leo (rabbit) took 2nd in Best Breed. Rachel  is home schooled and loves it. WTK photographer and reporter.

Aiyannah-Heather, age 7

2nd- grade – A average. Interest includes writing short stories, singing, swimming learning our American History. Annah reviews history books for We The Kids


Brendan Noah, age 5 Interest includes, singing, drawing and learning. Brendan is very proud to be an owner of wethekids. He is a top student in his class- K. Brendan loves to help other kids finish their school work. Brendan is our voice for Pledge of Allegiance!


WTK  Advisory Board Members

Andrew – age 20 – grade avg 3.4 2 yr graduate RN program, enrolled in 4 yr program.  Spending summer in Bogata, Columbia. Interest: American History and Government, music, plays and teaches guitar, working out .

Cj- age 16, 10th- grade average  B .  Works part-time. Interest includes American politics, government and American History.  Play’s guitar, like musics, plays basket ball and football.

Michael – age 19,   Sophomore in college  grade avg 3.9, Major in Accounting, works part-time.  Interest includes playing guitar and hanging with friends.

Jarrod – age 16 –  11th- grade average A-B Home Schooled – duel enrolled in Columbia State.  Part time work.  WTK- TN reporter.  Interest: include running, and working out. Jarrod is current taking lesson in playing the violin.

Hannah – age 14  8th grade averages A – student.



Judy Frazier Co-Founder/Owner of We the Kids, INC.  Email: wethekidsteam@gmail.com

We The Kids (WTK) grew out of a grandmother’s concern for the future of America and what her grandchildren would inherit.  Judy Lane, WTK founder, saw her 20+ year career in the RV transportation business evaporate before her eyes because of the 2008 recession.  It was at that time that Judy started a web site, much like millions of other concerned Americans were doing.  Her web site, however, was positive and non-political, not at all like the millions of other “homegrown” websites that were popping up all over the Internet at that time, each trying to be more controversial than the other.  It was at this time that one of Judy’s granddaughters asked, “What about us kids?” and the rest is history.  Which is what We The Kids is all about … history, that is.

We the Kids is dedicated to making it “cool” to be patriotic and to love American history.  Judy, grandmother of seven and mother of two, has put together a website and venue that highlights what most in the older generation yearn for … a return to patriotic values, respect for authentic and honest American history and a loyalty to America’s Founding Documents.

Reaching out to children of all ages and backgrounds, Judy has built a safe, exciting, patriotic and kid-friendly site, all from her dining room table.  And with the help of her “kids”, of course.