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We The Kids discover the exciting and fascinating world of patriotism and what it means to our country and its place in the world! Come along with us on a fun filled excursion into the true history of America and its founding! You will see everything from the first spy rings that served our Country during the Revolutionary War to the heart rending dedication of our militias and army as they fought under General George Washington and sacrificed everything they had for the sake of freedom and our nation! Experience the depth of meaning of our founding documents and why it is so important to be a Constitutional Republic verses a democracy as we have incorrectly been termed! See the astonishing effect freedom had on society and the formation of business and industry making America into the greatest and most giving nation in the history of the world! The people of the nations of the world look to America and its people for hope of a better life and for the solutions to the problems of the world! Take this incredible journey with We The Kids! Sign up and sign up your kids today! Make a donation that will strengthen our kids through their understanding of the legacy of America and its founding!

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Billy was created by Ed Olson.

Ed Olson is an animation artist/director and illustrator who has worked thirty years in media production. He has worked with many companies, including Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Bros., Sony and Sega.Visit his site at for more.