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Just recently I went to the Indiana State Capital to meet with Daren Gardner.  Mr. Gardner is riding his motorcycle across America. You can read more about him at Constitution Ride Across America.  He is riding across America meeting with State representative asking them to sign a Constitutional pledge. Here is a copy of what he is asking the state representatives to sign.

*Constitution Resolution for America *

*WHEREAS “We the People” of the United States of America are the most

gracious and generous in the world and God has seen fit to bestow many

blessings on us.

WHEREAS in its time of need, this great country will need Patriots to rally

around the Constitution and restore our Founder’s Vision of natural rights

and limited government.

WHEREAS Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride of April 18 1775 alerted Americans to

awaken from their slumber and prepare for the approach of danger.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, agree to uphold the US

Constitution, to speak out when it is being degraded or abused, and to carry

forward with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, the principles and

values of our founding document.

Penned In the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Ten.

I also met Woody Burton  State Representative House District 58 and Carlos May candidate in Marion County for the 7th District Congressional seat.  I talked to them about They were interested in our goal to get kids more interested in history and our government.  The Son of Liberty Riders we’re there, one of the members sang the National Anthem.

Please sign our constitution pledge on our site.

Posted by Charles Jr. “ CJ”  9-9-2010

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