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Parents and Grandparents, we invite you to listen to the WTK Radio Show with your children and grandchildren!

(Great for Family Night!)

Join us… and let me know if you have any questions. 

“Celebrate Columbus Day with Columbus Day Quiz Questions!”

• What is the difference between primary source documentation and secondary source documentation?

* If someone was doing a report on you 100 years from now, which form of documentation would you prefer them to use?  Why?

• Translated into English, what does the name “Christopher” (“Christo-Ferens”) mean?  Therefore, Christopher believed his life’s mission was to do what?

• Why did Christopher have the courage to do what he felt he was meant to do even when he was laughed at and ridiculed by others?

• Who did Christopher believe gave him the desires, opportunities, and skills to learn to sail, to learn the “marine arts, astrology, geometry” and to read and make maps?

Now listen to Part 2 of the radio show and answer these questions…

•  For what purpose did Christopher believe he was to use this knowledge and these skills?

• What did Christopher Columbus and his crew erect on every island they discovered?

• In at least two different letters to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle, what did Christopher beg them to do to protect the lives of the native people of the islands he had discovered?

• What was the profession of Christopher Columbus and his brother? And what did Christopher’s mother-in-law give him after he married her daughter that she knew would greatly please him?

• What things washed up on the shores of the island Christopher and his wife lived on giving him further evidence that there were other people unknown to them whom he was meant to find and teach the Christian faith?

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Communication Director, Teacher and Historian, Marc Urbach

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