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Today Radio show with WE THE KIDS TEAM



* Guest: Judy Frazier – President/Founder WE THE KIDS WTK –

* WTK “Hooked on History”!

* Guest: Lydia Nuttall – Author of Forgotten American Stories –

* What’s the Story Behind the Stories?

* Guest: Steve Gronka – Founder Advance America & Sea Quest Kids –

* Little League Of Boating and Building Bridges Through Education.



* Lydia Nuttall – Host of WTK radio show on Fox Radio in PA.

* Guest: Col John Eidsmoe of The Foundation for Moral Law –

* We are working on making 52 videos of Billy Eagle and the COL… plus WTK Liberty Players teaching the Constitution.

* Guest: Peter Robyn – Teach Our Christian Heritage and Drums of Freedom.

* An entrepreneur for 35 years, Robyn is the founder of “HistoryStrips” and “The Drums of Freedom!”

* “Bringing The Constitution and American history back to life for our children through our children”!



Thank you for all your work in our Sacred Cause of Liberty. Our prayers are with you my friends!

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