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Bella, KBN See Action News “Kid” Reporter from Australia
Hi America’s Kids,

I am Bella. KBN See action news reporter from Australia. Today I want to report on what Christmas is like in Australia. I know in America it is very cold and even snowing at Christmas time, but in Australia it is summer and can reach temperatures of up to 47 degrees Celsius or approximately 117 degrees Fahrenheit.
So understandably most Australians do not follow the tradition of roast meats and puddings with all the trimmings. Most Australians prefer to have a backyard BBQ with salads and trifle or Pavlova for dessert, or a BBQ at the beach with beach cricket and swimming as activities. There is also another big difference between America and Australia at Christmas, and that is that Australia was granted their independence by England so therefore celebrate Boxing Day which is observed by Commonwealth nations and is the day after Christmas Day.

Boxing Day represents a day dating back to the 17th Century when errand boys, postmen and servants of various kinds expect to receive a present of gratitude for their service known as a Christmas box. So instead of making Snowmen and having snowball fights we are usually swimming at the beach, surfing and living the outdoor lifestyle. I hope you found this informative and learned some fun facts about Australia.

Love Bella,

Your KBN See Action News “Kid “Reporter from Australia

Mrs. Pat Collings Bella’s Australian instructor



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