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William Federer, American Minute & Author Lydia Nuttall, “Forgotten American Stories”.

Here’s why this is a HUGE deal: Our show is based on author Lydia Wallace Nuttall’s book “Forgotten American Stories”. All our stories are primary source material and can be used as part of civic’s course for credit. We don’t have the money to produce the shows and we don’t have the money to air the shows. All the time is donated. The Liberty Players are just kids, not actors, and their parents love being on the radio with them! PAB – Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award!

We just won again, 2nd year in a row! I am so excited!! I will put the show up on this week!

Judy Frazier/ We The Kids Congratulations ! Your station’s entry submitted by SUSAN LOCH is a winner in the 2022 PAB Excellence in Broadcasting Competition!

The winning entry is: GREEN RADIO R-5 Outstanding Radio Public Affairs Program/Program Series “WE THE KIDS – EPISODE 29: “LIBERTY REQUIRES SACRIFICE”” With Liberty and Justice For All!

We The Kids Team

509(a)(2) Public Charity Education Foundation.
Federal ID # 80-0941235

Partners with:
Steve Gronka, Fearless Leader (CEO) of Advance America Foundation a 501 (c)(3) Public Charity Education Foundation and  Sea Quest Kids the little league of boating.

Susan Loch, Co-owner of
WFYL Radio
“Working For Your Liberty”
2400 W. Main Street
Jeffersonville, PA 19403
Fox News Radio Affiliate
Fox News

Order your copy today of Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution

by Author Lydia Nuttall

$10.00 of each sale goes to WE THE KIDS


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