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We The Kids (WTK) is a non-profit organization that promotes patriotism, American history and a deeper understanding of America’s founding documents and the principles upon which America was founded.

What better way to teach kids than to get them involved in doing real projects?

What we have accomplished.

  • Education – teaching history with short videos using re-enactors and history teachers with outlined curriculum.
  • Kid’s Projects – encourage kids to read, research, blog and interview real American heroes. Kids have been involved with interviewing political leaders, historians, actors and a Native American. We work with civic groups, schools, home-school, American Legions.
  • WTK – We produce TV programs with our local cable station and regional public citizens who are “American Heroes”.
  • Sea Quest is a Division of Advance America Foundation and is the leading program to motivate kids to want to learn different academic disciplines including all the sciences, history, lecture composition and public speaking.

WE THE KIDS had a wonderful time at the Indianapolis Home School Convention last year in Indianapolis, Indiana.
We had lots of kids visiting our booth and poor Erica (14) stayed busy all day with painting faces (we did give her breaks).

Jesse Minton our WTK spokes-kid interviewed several folks including Mrs. Heidi St John, one of the main speaker at the 2017 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention.

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